1. With the Full Party please DO NOT hire a bouncy castle. The Full Party is a full on, all in all the time show.

2. If you hire a bouncy castle and book with us a Mini Party or Magic Show, we will ask you to deflate (turn it off) when the entertainment is taking place because of noise & distraction.

3. Max number of children?. Sitting down watching the Magic Show 200. The Mini & Full Party will include running & jumping around, think safety,  over  45 will require extra safety measures. Please notify when booking.  Too many children = adults = noise and extra work 4u as well.

4. Outside events, gardens, fetes, fairs etc. Children will burn in direct sunlight and suffer dehydration etc. Adequate shade must be provided, for the children and Andy. Proper thought must go into outside events.

5. Party poppers!!. Please remember they contain gunpowder  and if aimed at each other they may be dangerous.

6. The Mini Party & Magic Show are perfect for the 3/4yrs olds.

7. The Full Party can be tricky to have at home (space & safety)

8. Deposits are non refundable once a day / time has been agreed.

9. Easy access to hall / venue / house... PARKING...Andy needs to unload his equipment as near as possible to where the entertainment will take place,

 not down the road, round a corner or at a Pay car park (the charge will be added on to your bill) or even up a flight of stairs etc. (his only got little legs) please notify when booking.

10. All Andy needs is a venue with a power point near by / children,

cup of TEA…….and payment,